Director of small historical museum including historical preservation of National Register Historic Site, collections care, develop educational programs, exhibit creation, outreach, administration, volunteer program, and marketing.  Hired to guide the museum from decades of decline and bring it into compliance with professional standards, build relationships with the community, and increase visitors.

Museum & Historical Site Administration

Worked with city and state representatives to do a thorough analysis of the National Register site, report its status, and create a strategic plan for developing the site.

Created a website and online presence for the museum, including a logo, character mascots, and social media accounts.

Enrolled the museum in the American Association for State and Local History Standards of Excellence Program (StEPS) and worked towards meeting all Basic standards and certifications in the program.

Obtained grants to support exhibit development and preservation projects.

Began an active volunteer program with training on how to work in a museum and historic park.

Education Programs Development

Established a museum education program with emphasis on self-guided and family learning. I added several interactive learning stations in the museum to encourage families and visitors to learn together. I also developed educational sections on the website so people could learn about the museum and historic site before or after visiting.

In collaboration with local groups, we held several large events that encouraged people to visit the museum and have fun learning. Each event had a special exhibit or presentation about local history, games, snacks, and craft activities.

Golden Spike Celebration

Polar Express Winter Fest


Outreach & Advocacy

Began an outreach program that built relationships with the Tooele Library, Tooele Family Programs, local museums (such as the Tooele Pioneer Museums and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art), state organizations (such as the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts and Utah Museum Association), local schools, local arts organizations (such as the Tooele City Arts Council and Tooele County Arts Guild), and local service organizations (such as the Tooele Rotary).


Redeveloped existing exhibits with dedicated exhibit topics, written interpretation, and interactive elements.

Collections Management

Created a collections storage area for all objects not on display.

Began a local history research center with documents and photos found at the museum.

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Public Historian, Museum Director, and Historical Site Preservation Advocate.