Ph.D. History, 2012 University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Fields: History of Urban Infrastructure, Environmental History, and Global History of Commodities

Dissertation: California’s Fruit Cocktail: A History of Industrial Food Production, the State, and this Environment in Northern California

Advisor: Kathleen A. Brosnan, Ph.D., J.D.

Committee: Sterling Evans, Ph.D., Martin V. Melosi, Ph.D., Joseph A. Pratt, Ph.D.

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B.A., Anthropology & History, 2002 University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Montrose Boulevard, Houston, Texas
Certification: Undergraduate Teaching, University of Houston

Photo by Héctor Marroquin

Internship: Art Museum of South Texas, Museum Curation, Spring 1996

“Houston in 1950” Houston Daily Post, November 12 1905
M.A. Public History, 2007 University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Thesis: Right of Way: Streetcars and The Changing Environment of the Streets of Houston, Texas

Advisor: Martin V. Melosi, Ph.D.

Tooele Valley Museum & Historical Park
Certification: Small Museum Pro!, American Association of State and Local History

Museum Education & Outreach, Caring for Museum Collections, Developing Exhibits, Collections Management, Introduction to Financial Management

Montrose Boulevard, Houston, Texas
Internship: City of Houston Department of Urban Forestry, GIS Project – Esplanade Mapping, Summer 2008